Visit Prague – Czech Republic | Česká Republika | Autumn | 2017

So after some time, I went on a 3-day vacation with my girlfriend. And I can already say that 3 days was not enough. But when you work you have limited days. Prague is too big city and I would need at least 3 weeks to explore everything. But I did see many things like famous Charles bridge, Prague castle, Saint Vitus Cathedral and many other things. I am a fan of the past, so when I was in old town Prague it felt like I went back in time. I like old building structures and churches. For the first time, I visited Sinagogas and Jewish cemetery. It was nice but i wasn’t so excited, the whole Sinagogas trip was too expensive. They say that Prague is cheap, but it really depends on where you go. I did not look for cheap restaurants because I didn’t care much. The center of the city is soo crowded, with so many tourists all around the world and you get feeling that you are not in Prague. There were many people from Asia. 😛

In a big city like Prague, i felt so small 😛 there is always something happening. When you are walking through the streets there is always someplace to go to. Shops, stores everything that you want. But what I completely recommend is the underground railway. You can travel through the whole city and is really cheap, fast & exciting.

I tried Czech drink Becherovka which is made from a secret recipe based on a wide variety of herbs and spices. With 38 % of alcohol. It was delicious 😀


I also tried Trdelnik which is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix.


Prague is a beer city. But unfortunately, I didn’t have much opportunity to taste many Czech beers. Well, I hope that I will some next time 😛

Last day we went on a 1-hour boat trip through Vltava river. It was amazing to see capital’s bridges from another point of view.


For me this was a small but wonderful trip. I guess it is true what others were saying that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities around the world. I hope someday I will visit again this Czech beauty 🙂

Here is a video which I created in my 3 days visit in Prague:
Visit Prague – Czech Republic | Česká Republika | Autumn | 2017 [4K]



Visit Baška – Croatia | Hrvatska | 2017

So I and my girlfriend were planning to go on holidays.  It was difficult to decide but After a long time, we choose to go to Croatia. We chose a little city Baška which is located on an island called Krk. My girlfriend did organize mostly the whole thing, which I’m thankful, yes she is great :). She was searching all around the internet for good apartments in Croatia and found a really cheap apartment. We paid 450€ for 10 days.  I heard that lot of people were complaining how expensive Croatia it is. But it really isn’t. It depends on how you manage things. I was always looking for cheap restaurants, bars..etc. The apartment had everything that we needed and it was near the beach with mini markets as well. Best cocktails were at PAPAS beach bar. We went there mostly at night. There was the guy who played guitar every day, and we were just drinking and chilling, what could you ask for more? 😀 Best cheap food and drinks were at the restaurant called Žiraffa. From food, I ordered mostly pizzas and all were A+. I tried mostly all Croatians beers. For the first time, I tried Velebitsko, Tomislav, and Staročeško beer. I was amazed because all of those beers were good. I was little scared of when I was trying everything but I was so satisfied. I recommend every beer that I tried but for me, the best was Karlovačko 🙂

Baška is a place for families mostly, there were no such parties, but still, I had fun. For every day, I and my girlfriend had planned what to do, so Time passed quickly. Beaches were pebble and off all beaches, for me, the best was the nudist beach. Well for one person you have to pay 4€ which is not much. This was my first experience with a nudist beach, at first, it was weird to me that everyone was naked lol 😛 but then I got used to it and it was great and now I want to visit all nude beaches around the world haha. Water was clean the waves were pretty awesome.  The only thing that I miss in the Baška was Croatian groups and music. Everything else was great! and I recommend to everyone to visit this little pearl 🙂

VIDEO: Visit Baška – Croatia | Hrvatska | 2017

Real Madrid – 12th European Title

Real’s historic title defense and the 12th best European team title. Yes, History of football has changed.

1496613425_Italy_flat.png               VS             1496613885_Spain_flat.png


Real scored by Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo in the 20th  and 64th min. And by Brazilian player Casemiro in 61th min and Spanish player Marco Asensio in the 90th min. The goal for Juventus and one of the most beautiful in the history of the final Champions League was achieved by Marijo Mandžukić in the 27th minute.

At the start, it looked like that teams will be equal till the end of the game. But then Real Madrid blew Juventus away.pri_42109581.jpg

Ronaldo who is in his great shape scored a 600th goal of his career.

When he stepped on the pitch, from the first minute with 39 years and 126 days. Buffon was the oldest guy who played Final of Championship League. I just hope that he will continue his career after this loss because we need this legend on football ground!skysports-buffon-juventus-italy_3909861.jpg

JUVENTUS: Buffon, Barzagli (Cuadrado, 66), Bonucci, Chiellini, Dani Alves, Khedira, Pjanić (Marchisio, 71), Alex Sandro, Dybala (Lemina, 78), Higuain, Mandžukić.
REAL MADRID: Keylor Navas, Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo, Modrić, Casemiro, Isco (Asensio, 83), Kroos (Morata, 89), Benzema (Bale, 77), Cristiano Ronaldo.

Francesco Totti – Prince of Rome

After 25 years of playing for A.S. ROMA, Francesco Totti’s career has come to an end. One of the greatest players of all time and a legend of Italian and world football, Francesco Totti played against Genoa final game of his career.

His fans are hoping that he won’t leave football forever. That he will have some function in his club, maybe as a manager or something but of course in AS Roma.


It is amazing that he is 40 years old and was still playing for this big Italian club,  he was the top player in AS Roma his whole career, one of the best football clubs in Europe!


Totti has played 779 matches for Roma and scored 307 goals with 122 assists, and won 5 trophies.


Everyone respected Francesco Totti, even guys from rival clubs adore him. Because he was completely loyal to his club, and he was one of the rare players that played just for one club.



Samurai Jack -The things we will never know

After Samurai Jack’s episode finished, there are some unsolved things left.

  1. Samurai Jack’s real name. It seems that we will never know his real name. When Aku sent Jack back into the future, where his evil was law. the people in the future gave him the name ” Jack ” because he beat the bad guys, knew martial arts and he was soo cool to them. So his real name will remain as mystery.
  2. Lulu sweet thing. Samurai Jack defeated robot X-49. And his final words were ” Lulu. Take care of LuluWhat happened to dog Lulu? Did Samurai really take care of her? Did Aku kill that poor dog? who knows.lulu.png
  3. The Guardian.  was guarding the portal. This was his only job. Did Aku tell him to guard that portal? Did Aku kill him because he didn’t believe that he could actually defend this portal from Jack? Even though Guardian once defeated Jack.The_Guardian
  4. Jack friends in the future. People in present knew that Jack saved them. But what about friends in future, will they exist? Well, humans will exist maybe, but what about other creatures? Will they know what Jack did for them? Future will probably look different now.Scotsman
  5. Will Jack start aging?

Questions that need answers.




The End – Samurai Jack (S05E10)

And here it is, the final episode of Samurai Jack. The ending was bittersweet like Genndy said it would be. But many things bothered me in this new season. Yes, Samurai Jack deserves ending but I thought that there will be more seasons and after those years they didn’t create any new characters except for daughters of AKU. It was nice when they brought back all other old characters. But the old seasons was way, way, way, way better than this new one.

So let us start first with bad things in this episode:

  1. When Aku captured Jack, he could end him quickly and there will be the end of story. But no he couldn’t decide with what weapon he should finish him. Samurai Jack friends were all watching the live execution of samurai. And then Aku was too late because the help arrived to save Jack. samuraii.png
  2. Jack: Ashi I love you! When he said that, Ashi came back to herself again. But funny thing is that Aku controls her completely so she couldn’t fight back. Jack just said I love you and she came back, it was so obvious.
  3. Jack vs Aku. The fight ended too fast. It was not interesting it ended so quick for Aku. It was like they wanted to end the series fast as possible.


And now the Good Things:

  1. Friends against Aku. It was nice to see all Jack’s friends who came to help him, the same way he helped them way back when they were in trouble. The fight was amazing even though they knew that they had no chance against Aku. They just needed to buy more time for Jack and they did. When they pissed Aku he just jumps to the sky and creates a rain of spikes onto the army of friends.hahhahahahaah.png
  2. Jack came back to his time. Mother, father and everyone else he knew was there. Vikings, Robin Hood, Greek guy, African guy all were there. You can see that Jack was soo happy. And with his Ashi he is preparing to get married, everything was looking so perfect.
  3. Ashi disappears! Jack definitely didn’t deserve that. He did everything well for everyone, but I love this plot twist because it wasn’t so obvious ending, even though I expected something like that, because Ashi had Aku’s essence and if Aku was deleted from the world his magic and essence would also disappear, that means that she would be also erased from this time.
  4. THE END. Even he lost his girlfriend, Jack was happy.  When ladybug came to him, it reminded him that he rescued all those people. Aku was defeated, a true hero that saved human race and then peace was finaly back.dddddd.png


My rating for this episode is 7,53-5-stars-2bmbspe



Ashi and Aku’s essence- Samurai Jack (S05e09)

First of all, when this episode came out I wasn’t expecting to be great because the last episode was not so good but if I compare to this episode now, the previos episode was a little better. Jack story keeps continuing from one episode to another. There were many things that I didn’t like, and some little things that I liked…

But let’s start first with good things:

  1. Music: I love to see how Samurai Jack still has this groovy sounds. I hope that they will just keep up the good work with this music!
  2. Jack’s Memories: Jack is telling Ashi the story about how beautiful was his homeland before Aku.haha.png
  3. Ashi telling Jack to kill her: When Ashi saw that Aku can control her because of his essence in her, she just gave up and told Jack to kill her, this moment was played well and cruel.

And now the bad things:

  1. Guardian future changed: He was guarding the time portal. In this episode, the portal was destroyed and Guardian missing, only his broken glasses were found. It was very interesting when the portal warned Guardian that Samurai Jack will return again. So when Guardian defeated Jack he spared him because he will return once again. But what now? is this proof that the future changed? and what happened to him? Did someone kill him? I hope that we will get answers soon. If not then they just ruined another great story.blohhhh
  2. Aku’s act and looks: This acting of Aku is just silly. It is like Aku doesn’t give a crap about anything, like I said before, previous Aku was terrorizing everything and he was a serious character, but now he is just a joke.
  3.  Aku can control Ashi: This plot twist is not bad but is not good either, everything was so silly, it wasn’t so tense moment, it was just mehhhh.
  4. Aku could kill Jack: When Jack refuses to kill Ashi, he just knelt and surrendered. Aku could easily kill him with his eye beams or something, but instead, he took his sword and laughs…But who knows what will happen next.

This Season is getting more and more into the shade of all other episodes and Seasons. We can only wait for better episodes of Samurai Jack.

My rating for this episode is 5.4 3-5-stars-2bmbspe

Samurai in love – Samurai Jack (s05e08)


Samurai Jack episodes were good until this episode came. There were many things that bothered me. I was expecting that episodes will be better and better through time. Anyway, the different thing is now that in this season the storyline is linked in every episode the same story continues, this is somehow good. But thank God there was also good things in this episode.

So ok let’s start first with good things:

  1. Green cats. Each cat had one letter on their shirt.  They combined letters against Samurai Jack with only 3 words “DIE SAMURAI JACK”. They were standing so close to Jack and Ashi, that they couldn’t move, the situation was not looking good for them.cats.png
  2.  Jack is funny. When he was surrounded by cats, he said ” We are not alone ” well no shit sherlock. And when he ate something he turns into a fish, and ” he didn’t feel so good” and when they were touching the pole, it was funny. Jack was also poking her with his sword, this was kind of funny and sexual. When Ashi was naked, he acted weird and shy which is not typical for Jack. And when they destroyed all monsters it looked like an ending sex scene.
  3. Music. When Jack and Ashi were touching each other, but not on purpose music was perfectly matching the scene.
  4. Love. You could see from a mile that they liked each other, but funny thing is that Jack is much older than her, but luckily he do not age, but problem will start if she would continue aging and become like grandma  and Jack will stay the same that he is right now,


And now let’s do the bad things:

  1. When spaceship landed on earth, first it looked like this spaceship is so important for this story but it was not.
  2. Jack turned into fish. This scene was so weird, he ate something turned into fish and in just seconds he was back to his normal mode.
  3. Fighting with the cats. If only they made things more realistic it would be so much better, but Ashi and Jack kicked green cats asses for fun. The fight was not interesting. If this was a real fight all cats would just attack together and tear them apart, but no they were all waiting, only 2-3 cats were attacking at the same time.
  4. Spaceship and creatures were just boring, you already knew what will happen.
  5. Samurai Jack facial features. In old seasons,  whatever that he was doing it was good. Like I feel that they drew him badly in this new season. This was not old Jack anymore this is something else now.  Too bad that he didn’t stay completely the same like he was in other seasons.
  6. And finally the kissing scene, it was so weird and awkward to watch, and with music behind it was just no, no. kkkk.png

I just hope that they will make new episodes better than this one. But in many other movies/cartoons/series, the things are same. The first season is usually better than others.

My rating for this episode is  5,7 3-5-stars-2bmbspe

Sword – Samurai Jack (s05e07)

Jack is explaining Ashi how he lost his sword. He found last remaining time portal but when he jumped into the portal, Aku pulled him back and destroyed it. Samurai Jack got really angry haha, his face was very funny.

angry samurai.png

It seems sword abandoned Jack because he was not himself anymore, he was pissed, angry so he was not worthy anymore, sword just left him.

After a long time, he came back to this place to find his weapon, with help of Ashi and giant bird they reached the mountain. Jack starts meditating, but while he meditates, a huge army arrives. Jack was in his mind, making and drinking tea, while Ashi is forced to fight alone.

When I first saw this army with thousands of soldiers I was like wow, and they reminded me of orcs with spears in Lord of the Rings. Maybe this army was created after them.angry samurai 2

But I was so disappointed when I saw Ashi fighting against them. She took them easily, so unrealistic, beginner mode like it was not fun, and this was so bad. I hated this scene, it could be much, much better but it sucks badly. When she was finished with them, her mother came and this fight was more interesting, more realistic. Her mother was trying to convince her to join her side, that samurai killed all her sisters, but Ashi didn’t listen to her, she know the real truth about Jack, that he was good, he was a hero.

And when her mother jumped on Jack, Ashi immediately threw arrow and hit her right in her back, she just felt down the mountain.jjjj.png

After that Odin, Ra, and Vishnu appeared in Jacks mind, gods brought back old samurai look and his sword,  he was no longer with the beard, he was back to his old self again.

So now it is time for Aku!

This episode was in a moment bad (army loses a fight against one girl), but rest of episode was ok.

My rating for this episode is 7,73-5-stars-2bmbspe