Visit Baška – Croatia | Hrvatska | 2017

So I and my girlfriend were planning to go on holidays.  It was difficult to decide but After a long time, we choose to go to Croatia. We chose a little city Baška which is located on an island called Krk. My girlfriend did organize mostly the whole thing, which I’m thankful, yes she is great :). She was searching all around the internet for good apartments in Croatia and found a really cheap apartment. We paid 450€ for 10 days.  I heard that lot of people were complaining how expensive Croatia it is. But it really isn’t. It depends on how you manage things. I was always looking for cheap restaurants, bars..etc. The apartment had everything that we needed and it was near the beach with mini markets as well. Best cocktails were at PAPAS beach bar. We went there mostly at night. There was the guy who played guitar every day, and we were just drinking and chilling, what could you ask for more? 😀 Best cheap food and drinks were at the restaurant called Žiraffa. From food, I ordered mostly pizzas and all were A+. I tried mostly all Croatians beers. For the first time, I tried Velebitsko, Tomislav, and Staročeško beer. I was amazed because all of those beers were good. I was little scared of when I was trying everything but I was so satisfied. I recommend every beer that I tried but for me, the best was Karlovačko 🙂

Baška is a place for families mostly, there were no such parties, but still, I had fun. For every day, I and my girlfriend had planned what to do, so Time passed quickly. Beaches were pebble and off all beaches, for me, the best was the nudist beach. Well for one person you have to pay 4€ which is not much. This was my first experience with a nudist beach, at first, it was weird to me that everyone was naked lol 😛 but then I got used to it and it was great and now I want to visit all nude beaches around the world haha. Water was clean the waves were pretty awesome.  The only thing that I miss in the Baška was Croatian groups and music. Everything else was great! and I recommend to everyone to visit this little pearl 🙂

VIDEO: Visit Baška – Croatia | Hrvatska | 2017


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  1. Thank you so much for following my blog and liking it. Croatia seems to be the happening place lately. So many bloggers are talking about it. Would love to take a trip there. Thanks for sharing your blog and another part of Croatia that we don’t know about .

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